Two days ago, on the evening of 26th July, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan sat down at a brown table in front of national television, and within twelve minutes, he rallied, inspired, and gave light to about 200 million Pakistanis. In Khan’s speech, he addressed the need to serve the poor, create jobs for the poor and youth of the country, improve foreign relations, and wipe out corruption. In the speech, not only has Khan promised good for the next five years, he looks to raise Pakistan on its feet for much longer after his term. In the last few days, Pakistanis are praying and seeing Naya Pakistan (New Pakistan), but this isn’t the first time Imran Khan has delivered Pakistan new life.

Twenty-Six years ago, on the evening of 25th March, what was thought to be a dream within an imagination became reality. The Pakistan Cricket Team, captained by Imran Khan himself, defeated England in the World Cup Finals at Melbourne by 22 runs. Since then, Pakistan became a force to reckon with in limited-overs cricket and stood alongside the great teams such as Australia and India.

Just like today, in 1992, Imran Khan took Pakistan from somewhat of a dark time to ultimate glory. Pakistan had lost their opening fixtures in the World Cup and making the knockout stages, hell, making the Finals seemed impossible. But not only did Pakistan achieve a finals spot, they dominated fearlessly and won.

Pakistan for so long struggled to keep democracy in the country, often losing its way to martial law and military rule, and when democracy was restored, politicians took advantage of the country’s resources and trust for their own gains, leading to deep corruption in the country’s government. However, in the last year, through protests and court findings, then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was forced to resign, found guilty of using tax money abroad, submitting fake documents, barred from political office, and eventually, sentenced to 10 years in prison. That along with Sharif’s party, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) losing parliamentary seats to Imran Khan’s PTI party all pose Imran Khan to defeat the dark times and usher Pakistan not into just light, but greatness.

Just like how as a captain, Khan never stopped fighting till the end, how when he fought, he was expressive and had a clear goal in mind, he is bringing the same mentality to fight evildoing and give hope to the Pakistani people once again.

PTI won the elections with 115 of 270 Parliamentary seats, but PML-N, led by Nawaz’s brother Shahbaz came in second. The other parties have claimed there was rigging in the elections, but Imran Khan said his party is ready to investigate any case necessary to keep this election as fair and as clean as possible.